They did an amazing job on my mustang. You cannot tell where the damage was!!
It looks brand new !

Marine Pickle,


Queen City solved our door misalignment problem after another supposedly capable body shop failed miserably. Queen
City was able to promptly diagnose the problem, order some missing and crucial spacers and get the door back in
perfect alignment in short order. Extremely pleased with the results and the timely service.
After our Porsche Cayenne had its front passenger window broken by opportunistic thieves I made the unfortunate
decision to go with a budget glass replacement shop. Their technician completely messed up the alignment of the
door frame which on a Cayenne is composed of 2 pieces: the main door body and the window frame. At first there was
an air leak which the first body shop was able to eliminate but at the cost of the lower door body sticking out
substantially from the rest of the body. We then took the Cayenne to another recommended shop but they could only
offer to "take a look and see what we can do". After that less than enthusiastic response I decided to give Queen City a
chance since they are a dedicated Porsche shop. So glad I did. I had begun to believe this was an unsolvable problem but
they were able to make it all perfect again.

Joe M.,


These guys don't just raise the excellency service bar... they shatter it!! You'll be lucky Range Rover dealers recommend
them ...for a good reason. The car"s so darn clean Hollywood is riding in his crate!

Kathleen Jackson,


They did an amazing job fixing my Alltrack after a bucket hit my hood on the freeway. I couldn't be happier. The car
looks brand new!

Heather West,