I stopped by the first time to get a quote for some body work. Their quote was reasonable and comparable to other quotes i got but their wait times, even for getting a quote made it difficult for me to go back for the repair.
However, the second time, after some idiot scratched my rear bumper while pulling out of a parking lot and ran away without leaving a number, I went there to again get a quote for insurance. I got the quote which was same as what the insurance agent gave me but, looking a the scratches, the guy ask me to wait in the lobby and took the car back. He came back and told me that his detailer tried to buff it out and polish it and it was "almost" perfect? The marks would be difficult to find if you didn't know where to look for. he said he will give me a quote to repaint the bumper to make it 100% but it was my preference. He didn't try to sell his service to me. and more than that, he tried to fix it free of charge and saving several $100 in deductible even if insurance paid the rest. I am glad i went here for the quote and i will definitely go back if i have to buy hopefully not.

Naveen V., Redmond WA.


Amazing customer service by receptionist Allison and estimator David. Reception area is like a hotel lobby, very classy and clean as well as their work is top notch. this place is a gem and i would recommend to anyone (or perhaps i should keep it as a secret among friends and family:)

Samith G., Queen Anne, Seattle WA


Having your car damaged is always somewhat traumatic. Finding a reputable, trustworthy and COMPETENT auto body shop can be difficult especially if you are highly encouraged to use certain businesses through your insurance. If you are in the Seattle metro area and in the unfortunate situation to require such services I'd only recommend one body shop... Queen City Auto Rebuild in Redmond… especially if you own an Audi. I had the misfortune of requiring their services and they were amazing to work with throughout the whole process. From initial estimate to submissions of supplemental estimates to the final quality of workmanship, Queen City Auto Rebuild is without peer in the Seattle Metro Area

Stephen Frazzini,